Stock - The New Stars

Some Of The Best Stock Birds In The UK 

The New Stars - these are pigeons that we have bred from the originals or have added into our stock loft as proven racers or breeders.  

NL09/758 - The Bert cock

(Formally owned by William Donachie & was the sire in his famous Tip top pair) 

A Fantastic breeder responsible for:

  • 34x 1st Fed
  • 57x Open SNFC Diplomas from 266 - 445 miles from up to 6,065 birds.
  • 5x 1st SNFC Section Winner
  • 4x 1st UK Winner in One Loft Racing

Also grandsire to Fran-Tastic, winner of:

  • 2 x 1st Section SNFC. 

Price for children = £1200 

GB16N65806 - Tip Top Tora

Direct from Frisian Boy Junior & Tip Top Goldmine

Tip top Tora winner of:

  • 1st National, 11th International Hens & 56th Open International Agen 2019, 22,000+ birds 
  • She also won other National positions before being retired to stock.  
Price for children = £1000  

GB16S - Guernsey Princess

Direct from the Prince of Rekkem & Dreamy

She is still in the making as a real all round champion but she is well on her way, racing she did not race as a YB but as a yearling she won:

  • 1st Open BICC
  • 3rd Open BICC
  • 5th Section & 54th Open NFC in her only 3 channel races before going to stock

In her first nest she bred Theresa Boy which won: 

  • 1st Open BBC YB National winning the race by over 30 minutes
  • Also scored inland. 

Guernsey Princess is also dam & g. dam of winners & top positions in only two breeding seasons. A National winner & dam of a National winner & still only 4 years old.   

Price for children = N/A

GB16/666 - Tip Top Devil 

Direct from Tip top Junior & his own granddaughter

Tip Top Devil, is looking like becoming the next champion breeder, from Tip Top Junior, she is already dam of good National & Fed pigeons in 2018 & 2019. Nothing raced from her in 2017 as she was a 2016 latebred.
She has already bred:

  • 7th 16th, 20th, 22nd & 23rd open BICC
  • Plus other birds to score in the top 50 at National level.   

Price for children = £600  

GB15N - Dream Maker 

Direct from D'artagain Junior 065 & Tip Top 076 

Dream Maker, she in only 3 breeding seasons is responsible for:

  • 2nd & 3rd Open National
  • 3 other top 10 Open National positions
  • 5 other results in the top 30 in Nationals, along with Club & Fed winners.   

Price for children = £500 

GB15B15404 - Combine D'Artagain

Direct from Eagle boy 072 & D'Artagain 749 

Combine D'Artagain winner of positions on the north & south road including:

  • 1st Combine Falaise 187 miles, 2,000+ birds 

Combine D'Artagain is direct from Eagle boy 072 & D'Artagain 749 making her also a full brother to Max winning:

  • 1st Open BICC Alencon.

In 2019 a young hen from Combine D'Artagain won: 

  • 17th & 62nd Open BICC National
  • 21st Open Thames, 1454 birds 
  • 12th Open Thames, 604 birds

A 2018 cock has won:

  • 1st Hullbridge Club
  • 4th Open Thames Super 6 
  • 4th Hullbridge Club
  • 19th Open Thames
  • 2nd Hullbridge Club
  • 17th Open Thames
  • 9th Open Thames
  • 5th Hullbridge Club
  • 14th Open Thames etc. 

This hen is pure class, I am sure will be part of the next generation of superstar breeders in the Frans Zwols family in my opinion.

Price for children = £500  

GB13 - The Amal Cock 

Direct from Rekkem 083 x 056.

The Amal cock was a winner of: 

  • 1st & 4th Amal 4,000+ birds 
  • Plus other wins & Fed bird of the year etc

Since going to stock he is sire & grand sire of winners including Theresa Boy:

  •  Winner of 1st open BBC National

Price for children = N/A 

GB14N - Granddad's Dream

A top racer who won many positions including:

  • 1st Club, 1st Fed & 1st Combine Thurso 512 miles as a yearling on a very hard race being clocked the next morning. 
  • He also flew Agen International as a 2 year old before going to stock.

Since going to stock he is looking like a top breeder being sire of:

  • 17th & 62nd Open BICC National
  • 21st Open Thames 1,454 birds 
  • 12th Open Thames 604 birds

A 2018 cock has won: 

  • 1st Hullbridge Club
  • 4th Open Thames Super 6 
  • 4th Hullbridge Club  
  • 19th Open Thames 
  • 2nd Hullbridge Club 
  • 17th Open Thames 
  • 9th Open Thames 
  • 5th Hullbridge Club 
  • 14th Open Thames etc

G.Sire of 

  • 3rd Section BBC National  

Price for children = £500   

GB16 - Tip Top Favourite

Direct daughter of Tip Top Junior when paired to his own granddaughter, Dream Maker.
Tip Top Favourite is dam of:

  • 3rd Open BICC National
  • Also Club, Fed winners & other top 100 National positions.   
Price for children = £400   


Direct from D'Artagain 065 & Tip Top 076.

only raced as a YB before going to stock, racing she won:

  • 5x 1st before going to stock

Since then she has bred:

  • 1st Fed 128 miles
    2nd Club, Fed & Combine 195 miles, 17th Open BICC national 201 miles

She is also g.dam of 17 who won:

  • 1st Section & 2nd Open BBC National
  • 23rd Open BICC National
  • Plus top inland results 

A game yearling hen which in 2018 won: 

  • 1st from Perth
  • 2nd from Ripon
  • 7th from Thurso in Pitsea Club
  • 14th Fed & 23rd Amal Ripon 195 miles
  • 45th Combine Perth 372 miles 
  • 51st Combine from Thurso 510 miles in a very tough race when only 79 birds made it home in race time.

Also Grand dam of Lazy bones:

  • 30th Open BICC National Agen 531 miles, 2019. 

Plus two daughters of her finished in:

  • Top 20 of the BICC 2019 YB National

Price for children = £350    

GB15N/70 - My Little Darling 

Direct from Argon Junior & Argon Girl 052

One of the best race hens I have ever owned she won: 

  • 6x 1sts
  • 4x 2nds
  • Many other prizes both flying north & south
  • 20th Amal 3,425 birds as a north YB before winning 6x 1st South road. 

Going to stock in 2019, her first two YBs 

  • both scored at Club & Fed level in their first ever race. 

Price for children = £350     

Peter C 

Bred & raced by Frank Aloisio from the lines of Tip Top Junior & Franzz & some Lambrechect mixed in.

A new addition to Formula 1 lofts stock loft for 2020. This cracking cock won 
  • A breeder buyer winning £1,600 as a YB on the north
  • Then switched south road as a yearling scoring 
  • Then switched back north to fly Thurso 500+ miles into a head wind. Let go with the NRCC he was clocked at 04:57:19 on the second morning to win the Essex & Kent Combine & he would have been 3rd Open NRCC flying over a 100 miles more than the pigeons in front of him. 

He is a Frans Zwols cross. He was raced by Frank Aloisio and named after his Uncle Peter.
Thanks Frank for gifting me this super pigeon on your retirement from pigeons.

Peter C full brother also won:

  • Thames Breeder/Buyer in 2019 winning a cool £5,000! 

Price for children = £350     

GB17 - Last Tip Top 

A Son of Tip Top Junior when paired to his own granddaughter Dream Maker.

In only 2 seasons this cock is already looking like becoming the next superstar breeder from Tip Top Junior being sire and g.sire of winners in just 2 seasons.

He is the last son we have bred from Tip Top Junior. 

Price for children = £350  

GB17N - The Duffel Hen 

A daughter of Frisian Boy Junior & N63 

This cracking hen won as a yearling:

  • 1st from Perth
  • 2nd from Ripon
  • 7th from Thurso in the Pitsea Club
  • 14th Fed & 23rd Amal Ripon 195 miles
  • 45th Combine Perth 372 miles
  • 51st Combine Thurs

She in turn is a full sister to 17 winner of many prizes including

  • 1st Section & 2nd Open BBC National

The Duffel Hen is also a half sister to Tip Top Tora, winner of:

  • 1st Open BICC Agen

She is also the nest mate of Lazy bones who won:

  • 30th Open BICC Agen in 2019

Price for children = £300 

GB16N 71 - Miss Consistent 

From a full brother & sister pairing sire is: Mr consistent Son to Amor x 06-716 Inbred Mickey Boy & dam is 13/600. Plus full sister of Mr consistent.

71 was a very consistent racer winning many positions including:

  • 1st Inland & 2nd Open Thames, 128 miles
  • 4th Club, 12th Open Thames, 88 miles
  • 27th Section, 41st Open BICC, 218 miles 4,606 birds
  • 24th Section, 75th Open BBC, 464 miles
  • 26th Section, 59th Open, 531 miles
  • 10th Section, 393rd Open NFC
  • 19th Section, 389th Open NFC, 405 miles
  • 87th Section, 98th Open BICC, 246 miles
  • 86th Section, 259th Open BICC, 218 miles
  • 131st Section, 273rd Open BICC, 319 miles

Miss Consistent is as her names suggests a very consistent racer from 88-531 miles

Price for children = £300 

GB17B19999 - Triple 9 - Blue Hen 

Direct daughter of Tip Top Junior when paired to his own granddaughter Dream Maker 

She is the last hen we have bred from Tip Top Junior, she went to our friend Steve Duffel in 2018, so it is still early days but I am sure she will bred the goods going forward.  

Price for children = £300 

The Duffel Cock 

A grandchild of the Eagle Boy 072, Rekkem 083 & D'Artagain 749 

The Duffel Cock a winner of:

  • 1st Combine Thurso 510 miles in 2018, flying over 12 hours & when there were only 10 day birds. 
  • He had already won other prizes including 61st Combine Perth. 

 The sire of the Duffel Cock is a full brother of the Amal cock, winner of:

  • 1st & 4th Amal 4,000+ birds

The Amal cock in turn is from Rekkem 083. Dam of the Duffell Cock is a full sister to Max, winner of:

  • 1st Open BICC Alencon

And Combine D'Artagian, winner of:

  • 1st Combine Falaise

Being from Eagle Boy 072 & D'Artgaian 74

Price for children = £300  

GB18B16246 - Burnham Queen

Grandchild of the Dream Pair being from a daughter of the Prince of Rekkem & Dreamy

Burnham Queen won:

  • 1st Open BICC in 2018
    Plus other positions for Lee Bastone before Formula 1 Lofts brought her back to add to our stock loft. 

Price for children = £250   

In addition to these, we also have children of all the main pigeons which we have bred for stock or retired racers from the main pigeons. 
These include children of: Amor, Queen of Rekkem, D'Artagian, Dream Girl 200, Euro 1, Prince of Rekkem, Inbred micky boy 716, Dreamy etc.
YBs are £150 each from these up and coming stars.