Proven Results

Take a look at our performances; the owners of Formula 1 Lofts: John Cowlin and Gladwin, Jarvis & Family, in Nationals & Combine races since 2015. 

In addition, we have won many Club, Feds/Opens Inland & also old bird, young bird & combined average winners at Fed level, plus highest prize winner in the Thames North & Eastern Counties Open twice in last four seasons which is an organisation with over 160 members. Also highest prize winner in the Thames NEC Open Super 6 in its first year in 2019. Plus 2 bird average winner in the BICC from Agen in 2019 & many top Breeder/Buyer & Gold Ring results. 

Just some of the 2017/18 major winners with the Frans Zwols bloodlines, which include the following:

  • 2x 1st Open BICC National
  • 2x 1st Open BBC National
  • 4x 1st Open Welsh National
  • 1st Open Scottish National
  • 2x 1st Combine North Road including at 510 miles
  • 1st Combine South Road
  • 1st Amal
  • 1st UNC
  • 3x 2nd Open BICC
  • 2nd Open BBC
  • 2x 2nd Open Welsh National
  • 2nd Open Scottish National
  • 2x 2nd Combines
  • Plus many other top results at National, Combine & Federation levels, including results such as first 5, 10, 17 & 20 at Federation level.

In 2019, the 'Frans Zwols' begun to dominate in National racing, either pure or crossed adding another:

  • 1st Section and 1st Open NFC
  • 3x 1st Open BICC nationals Wins from Falaise, Guernsey & Agen 531 miles
  • 1st Section, 2nd Open National Flying Club,
  • 1st Mid Antrim Combine
  • 1st Essex & Kent Combine from Thurso 500+ miles
  • 2nd Welsh National
  • 2x 3rd, 2x 4th, 2x 5th & 3x 6th Open BICC National
  • 2nd, 4th & 6th section + 6th, 9th &15th Open BBC National
  • 3rd Open NIPA, 2nd & 4th section NFC (same pigeon in two races)
  • 2x 2nd & 2x 3rd Open NorthWest Grand National (Same two pigeons Mother & Son both times)
  • Plus scores of Club & Federation winners along with many other top Combine & National performances, including fanciers taking the first 31 & 41 positions in the Federation.
  • Plus winner of 1st & 3rd Open Thames N&EC FC Breeder/Buyer are both Frans Zwols, these two pigeons winning £7,000 between them (all above with Frans Zwols or crosses)

That is an amazing record of at least 34x in the first two places at National, Combine or Amal levels in last 3 seasons alone.
Plus many other wins at National, Combine & Amal levels before 2017