1 YB from NL 07-197: D'Artagian

D'Artagian is responsible for 7x 1sts & 3x 2nd at National, Amal & Combine levels.
He is The Ace breeding cock, being sire g.sire of 1st 19,476 birds,
1st BICC Alencon 4,600 birds,
1st Combine Thurso 512 miles,
1st Combine Falaise 2,000+ birds,
1st Amal 5,500 birds,
1st & 2nd Combine 230 miles,
1st Combine 510 miles,
1st Sec NRCC,
2nd Open BICC,
2nd Open Welsh National
+ Many more top positions and scores of inland Fed winners.

£1 200,00