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GB20P28891 Blue Cock

A Grand Child of 3 major pigeons in the Frans Zwols - D'Artagain, Dream Girl 200 and Brother Frans.

  • Same way bred as 1st open NFC YB 2020, and an auntie bred 1st open NFC old hens in 2020.
  • Sire of GB20P28891 is D32 a direct son of D'artagain and Dream Girl 200. these are the last brother and sister bred the same way as Frans Zwol famous 3 Musketeers.
  • D'Artagain is now responsible for an amazing 9 x 1st at National, Amal and Combine level.
  • Dream Girl is responsible for 7x1st national winners, plus 1st Pilmore 9,100+ birds, 2nd open SNFC, 2nd 19,737 birds and much more.
  • D32 raced and scored both inland and in the nationals before going to stock, in 2020. What a decision that has proved with his first Y/B raced by us wining 1st sec and 1st open NFC Y/B's on the same day his sister bred 1st open NFC old hens.
  • Dam of GB20P28891 is NL13/552 Daughter Brother Frans (05-099) x 07-160 Little Silver (Lucky boy x Silvergirl)
  • NL13/552 was winner of:
    51st 5,925 birds
    69th 10,739 birds
    181st 4,302 birds
    195th 6,553 birds etc
  • At stock she is dam of 1st open NFC Plus dam and g.dam of inland winners and other top national positions.
  • Both parents have scored racing and are from some of the main lines in the Frans Zwols
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