Liverpool Auction List 30.11.19

TEN of the very best which are breeding both winners & breeders of winners, at Club, Fed & National level.
In today's racing these are up to date winning bloodlines at the highest levels & the strongest competition. 

Lot 1 - GB19N97434 - Blue Cock 
Inbred Eagle Boy sire is Bold Eagle a Full brother to Eagle Boy, Bold Eagle is Sire and grand sire of many big winners, at club and fed levels and top national results including 1st and 3rd UNC. Dam of Lot 1 is Golden Girl a decent racer in her short racing life winning 46th 6,553 birds, 47th 5,925 birds, 186th 7,966 birds, 197th 8,188 birds, 184th 4,302 birds. And now breeding some top birds including 3rd open BICC nat beat on the trap. And club and fed winners..

Lot 2 - GB19H32083 - Blue Hen 
Inbred Tip Top Junior and Amor sire is a direct son of Tip top Junior when paired to his own Granddaughter. Dam is a daughter of Amor when paired to his own top breeding daughter Dreamy. The winners in this young hen is unbelievable. Tip Top Junior alone is responsible for over 20 x 1st at national, combine and amal level. 

Lot 3 - GB19H32159 - Blue Cock 
Inbred to the foundation hen Truke sire is 11-654: Son to Inbred Golden Smeulders x Truke Racing he won 4th 9,166 birds, 107th 10,698 birds, 640th 10,113 birds, 400th 6,153 birds, 709th 8,824 birds. He has also bred winners for Frans and birds to win 34th 4,302b, 60th 5,925b, 112th 7,157b, 205th 5,606b etc dam is Perfect Girl, daughter from King of Rekkem x Truke As the name suggest perfect girl is perfect, a super pedigree and a top breeder herself to match, dam of winners and breeders of winners. 

Lot 4 - GB19N97457 - Blue Hen 
Direct from Theresa Boy winner of 1st open National BBC 2018 winning the national by over 30 minutes. As well as inland positions. Theresa Boy in turn is bred from the Amal cock winner of 1st and 4th Amal 4,000+ birds and Guernsey Princess a winner of 1st and 3rd open BICC National and 5th Section and 54th open National flying club in her only 3 channel races before going to stock. Dam of lot 4 is My Little Darling one of my best ever race hens winning many prizes including 6x1sts and 4x2nds and many other prizes both flying north rd and south rd, including 20th Amal 3,425 birds as a y/b on the north rd, before winning 6x1st on the south rd. and going to stock in 2019,her first two y/b's both scored in top 4 at club and fed level in their first ever race. Winners coming from winners in lot 4. 

Lot 5 - GB18N91255 - Blue Cock 
A 2018 late bred This is a special pigeon being a half-brother to prince of Rekkem. Sire is 08/748 Euro 1, the brilliant breeding cock Responsible for many good birds including Prince of Rekkem Euro 1 is also responsible for birds to win 1st open BICC National, 1st open BBC national, 1st open BICC National, 2nd 19,409 birds, 3rd 9,166 birds, 3rd 7,567 birds, 3rd 1,600 birds plus many more including many club and fed winners and top national positions in the UK and Holland. Dam of lot 5 is TIP TOP Princess adirect Daughter to Tip Top Junior x 06-717, inbred Dutch Prince. Tip Top Princess was a cracking racer and a top breeder, racing she won 7th 19,737 birds, 89th 10,735 birds, 106th 10,698 birds, 117th 9,392 birds and 214th 9,166 birds. Tip Top Princess is also dam of birds to win at club and fed level and do well at National level both in Holland and the UK.

Lot 6 - GB19N97391 - Blue Hen
Sire is 13-556: Royal Prince: son to Prince of Rekkem x Truke A son from the wonders that are Prince of Rekkem and Truke, there was a reason that frans kept so many back from Truke and that was because she hardly ever failed to bred good birds. Royal prince like so many with the bloodlines from either parents is breeding winners to fed level and top national positions. Including E49 a good inland racer and winner of 3rd and 93rd open BICC in her 2 channel races to date. Dam of lot 6 is Tip Top Favourite a direct daughter of Tip top junior when paired to his own granddaughter. She is also the dam of E49. Lot 6 is full of very special frans Zwols bloodlines.

Lot 7 - GB19N61682 - Blue Cock
Sire is a very special pigeon. When Frans Zwols calls late on a Sunday night about 9 months after we had brought all his pigeons and says you need to know about this hen and you need to add the blood to further enhance the Frans Zwols family. I was taking note. A hen bred from a full brother of Tip Top Junior had just added 1st NPO to the second NPO from the year before both with over 11,000 birds in the race along with a 5th 2,000 birds and other prizes I heard enough and 2 Y/B's from this top hen were ordered and The sire of lot 7 is one of these. It is proving a good move with good pigeons coming from this cock straight away including fed winners. Dam of lot 7 is NL13-773: (New Truke) being a Daughter from Blue Prince x NL12-960 from Tip Top Junior x Queen of Rekkem. 773 is one of the last children from the wonder Blue Prince who was sire of many top birds including Truke. 773 like Truke is also proving a top breeding hen of both winners and breeders of winners. 

Lot 8 - GB19H32087 - Blue Hen 
Wow if you want the very best Frans Zwols this hen is it. Sire is NL07-197: D'Artagnan, A full brother to the Three Musketeers. A real champion breeding cock being sire g.sire, g.g sire of 1st 19,476 birds, 1st BICC Alencon 4,600 birds, 1st Combine Thurso 512 miles 2015, 1st combine Falaise 2,000+ birds 2016, 1st Amal 5,500 Birds 2014, 1st sec NRCC, 1st combine Thurso 510 miles 2018, 1st & 2nd combine 190 miles 2017, 2nd open BICC 2018, 3rd & 4th open BICC 2019, 12th 6,378 birds in Holland 2nd welsh National + many club and fed winners and other top combine, classic and national performances. Dam of lot 8 is a 2018 hen with a massive future at stock, i am sure being same way bred as Dreamy direct from Amor and Dream Girl 200 ( Full sister of D'Artagian). Massive winners in every part of lot 8 pedigree.  

Lot 9 - GB19N97407  - BP Hen 
Bred from a special pairing Sire is Prince of Rekkem He is one of the best all round cocks in Europe still breeding. He was a Super racer having won 2nd Rekkem 19,000+ birds beat by the King of Rekkem on the trap, 3rd 9,166birds, 15th 9,706birds, 18th 9,059 birds, 47th 17,429 birds etc more importantly is he is now breeding big winners like 1st open BICC national 2017, 1st open BBC national 2018, 1st open BICC national 2018, 1st BICC national 2019, 2x 3rd & 4th open BICC 2019, 3rd open BICC national 2017 and many good birds at fed, combine and national level. Dam of lot 9 is NL11 -749 D'Artaigain 749, she is a direct daughter of D'Artagnan. 749 is proving one of our top breeding hens being dam, G.dam of top national pigeons each year to date including our super racer 35, she won 5 national positions as yearling in 2013, the A ring hen from 2013 also scored many positions, Max winner of 1st section and 1st Open BICC (National) 2015 4,652 birds and 3rd section NFC 2016. 749 is also g.dam of two brilliant sisters for John and Gaynor Ashenden, which have won many prizes including 2x1st clubs 2nd club, 1st fed, 5th Federation 1st Amal 5,500+ birds 18th Combine 1,700+ birds. Another is Combine D'Artagaian a winner of prizes both north rd as a y/b and 1st Combine Falaise as a yearling on the south 2,000+ birds. Also two y/b's which dropped together to win 1st and 2nd combine 196 miles another one won 2nd open BICC (Old bird) 2018, Great grandchildren won 1st Amal in 2018, 1st combine 2018 from Thurso 510 miles, 4th open BICC National 2019, also in 2019 One 2018 pigeon bred 3 y/b's in 2019 for Lee Bastone all 3 dropped together as his first 3 pigeons in the Y/B National and all 3 will be top 23 of the open result. In addition D'Artaigain 749 is responsible for many club and fed winners. D'Artaigain 749 really is an amazing breeding hen and one of the very best breeding hens at formula 1 lofts currently. Whose winning gens are being passed down the generations at the highest very levels. Lot 9 is direct from two of the best breeding Frans Zwols around.  

Lot 10 - GB19H32095 - Blue Cock 
Direct from my Gold Ring pair, so called as all my money rings go on Y/B's from this pair. Sire is the brilliant ex racer and now breeder Sky Runner Ace racer for Frans winning many firsts in total a winner of 47 prizes racing and rated very highly by Frans, this cock has also excelled at stock being sire, g.sire of winners and lots of top gold ring and breeder/buyer pigeons. Dam of lot 10 is the prolific breeding hen Tip Top 076 Direct from Tip Top Junior, Tip Top 076 is a real champion herself being dam g.dam g.g.dam of at least 30 x 1st including, 2nd and 4th open BICC, 2nd combine, 2nd section NFC and the A ring cock winner of the 1st section 1st Open NFC Gold Ring race, Tip Top 076 children which are raced all do well and the ones put to stock nearly always bred winners. Tip Top 076 is a champion breeder in every sense of the word. Ever year my Gold rings go on her Y/B's and most years I get a return in these races. In the 2019 BICC y/b national her children, grandchildren and great children, took at least 7 positions in the top 33 of the national for 4 different fanciers.